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custom blend fragrance making

certified natural perfumist, ny institute of aromatherapy

design a custom fragrance from

a certified natural perfumer  

At Chamak we  create custom blend fragrances which include essential oils, fragrance oils and handcrafted botanical fragrance bases. Our fragrances have healing powers because they are made with powerful plants, flowers, spices and seeds. We consult with our clients to create the perfect fragrance that suits a person's personality, their pH balance and blends with their natural pheromones. Our creator, Sarah is a multifaceted artist who is a licensed psychotherapist, Hollywood trained makeup artist, certified French trained chocolatier and certified botanical perfume maker. She studied at New York Institute of Aromatherapy. With her unique background and knowledge along with her team's expert assistance, create a one of a kind custom fragrance from over 150 scents & organic essential oils and house made botanical bases.

Custom Blend Fragrance Products

- $25 minimum spent for custom blend services

we create a signature fragrance for you by assessing you personality, creating accords and assisting you in creating a scent which suits you

* the scent deepens as it matures and develops, keep fragrance in cool and dry setting

Perfume               1.7 OZ EU DE TOILETTE, $75

Oil                      .33 roll on organic oil, $15

Solid Fragrance   3 gram organic solid fragrance, $12

Lotion                  4 oz organic lotion, $12, 8 oz $22

                           2 oz travel size, $8 

Body Spray         4 oz purse spray, $12

                           2 oz travel size, $8

                           .25 oz purse spray, $2

Body Butter          4 oz organic handcrafted butter $10

Body Oil              4 oz $18,  8 oz $32 ** extra for botanical drop such as flowers/herbs/etc ins, please request in advance as we have to re-order particular items*

Commission A Fragrance 

- have an incredible idea for a scent but that fruit, flower, spice, plant, and it doesnt exist or hard to find?

- would you like to capture your wedding day forever?

- cherish a memory of an experience or a loved one?

Chamak offers a revolutionary service where you can bring in items that we utilize to create a designer fragrance using the samples that you bring in. A consultation would be required to see if the samples are fragrant enough to be effective. This process can take upwards of 3 months depending on the materials and time to procure and develop the scent. 

- Prices begin at $150 for a 1.7 oz eu de toilette and coordinating roll on oil 

​​Alluring Aroma Party

1 hour of pampering

- Custom blend fragrance session, our team helps you customize a

   personalized unique scents from over 150 fragrances and essential oils


Option A. stylish 1.7 Eau de Toilette glass bottles, travel size sprayer for travel & small lotion

-$75 per person or  $125 for 2 for a unique spa day for two, 

Option B. .33 roller perfume oil, 4 oz fragrance mist, small lotion and solid fragrance

-  $50 a person  

Option C.  Make your own body butter lotion & scrub, have a blast making your own all natural beauty products

-  $40 a person


Fragrance Favors

We love to make handcrafted custom fragrance products for your special event! 

Click here to see all the other beauty and creative parties we offer at Chamak!

** $25 minimum spent per person. There are no returns on custom blended materials but we are happy to tweak it if it is not quite right, depending on the product packaging. Ready to wear makeup can be exchanged within 7 days of purchase if it has not been opened. We have testers and offer samples so you are able to make the proper choice.

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