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- richly pigmented

- 60 shades available in matte, pearl, shimmer, frost and glittery shimmer texures

- $8 pan 

- $2 solo palette (empty) 

- $3 duo palette (empty)

- $5 five palette (empty)

- $12 empty magnetic palette

- $45  face palette: 4 eyeshadows & 2 blush of your choosing 

- $45  5 piece palette with colors of your choosing

- $75  9 piece eye & 2 piece blush of your choosing

- $80  12 piece palette with colors of your choosing









































habnam Cream Shadows

- richly pigmented long lasting budgeproof cream shadows

- 10 shades available rangning from matte to shimmers




Dhoom Powders

-gorgeous loose shimmers with sparkly fine glitter inside

-10 must have shades

* usage tip: must be worn over cream primer or concealer, otherwise it will not set firmly


Spice Rack Mineral Shimmer

-mineral, organic loose shimmers in colors inspired by exotic eastern spices


- $8, 3 gram pot

-$10 for a custom blended Spice Rack


      Pakeeza        Noor                    Narmee                   Haya              Nikkah

        pure            inner glow             softness            modesty               wedding

     cool white        white                  warm nude      warm beige          golden beige

      matte       shimmer            matte         shimmer        baked metallic shimmer

 Khamoshi              Madham                 Fiza            

 quietness          softness                air

pink beige       champagne          peach       

 matte             shimmer             shimmer                   

Under Construction: Please bare with us as we upload all 60 shades, descriptions and images.  Shopping cart will be set up as well

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