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- Hamesha: "forever"

- mineral &  halal

- soft, creamy mineral formula

- 7  shades

- wooden pencil



Hamesha Mineral Lipliner

mineral lipliner, nude lipliner, natural lipliner, mineral lipliner, Chamak lipliner
mineral lipliner, Toast lipliner, Chamak lipliner
mineral lipliner, blush lilpliner, Chamak lipliner

         Nude                                                     Toast                                                    Blush         

       natural nude                         warm peach brown                      warm soft pink                       


          Rosebud                                                                                                     Plum

     deep pinky mauve                                                                    warm wine

            Classic Red                                                                                                Deep Red  

           vibrant cool red                                                             warm maroon red

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