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Chaliya Concealer 

What is the best concealer and under eye concealer is the most common makeup question.  The ideal concealer has to: 

1. match well: we have over 10 colors that match medium to dark skin tone effortlessly

2. proper coverage your blemish/color correct: one swipe is all you need

3. have smooth texture for blendability: it blends smoothly with fingers, sponge, or a brush

4. have a moisturizing feel with a natural dry down: our nourishing ingredients give this product a buttery smooth feel

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$12 compact with pan of your choice

$10 refill concealer pan

$16 custom blend

4g/.13 oz


- Chaliya: conman

- Smooth, easy to blend creme concealer that creates a flawless appearance and virtually erases blemishes, marks and under eye circles. Chaliya tricks people into thinking you have zero skin flaws!

READY TO WEARK - 10 shades  from light to dark named after popolar nuts in the South Asian nuts

CUSTOM BLEND  -  custom made based on your skin, color correction is available

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